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In a perfect world, your well being depends only on your ability to take safety precautions and act responsibly. But as most cyclists know, accidents can happen when you are following the rules of the road to the letter.. Despite growth in the popularity of the sport, many motorists do not know or ignore the rights of bicycles on the streets or are simply not looking for bikes on the road. Many riders become victims of accidents due to inadequate or poorly maintained infrastructure for bike riders, distracted or drunk drivers, or drivers who flat out disobey traffic laws and signs.

Bicycle Accident Settlements

If you have suffered from bicycle injuries, you should know that you have a right to be compensated when the accident wasn’t your fault.

David Rosen, of High Desert Law, knows personally the impact a serious bicycle accident can have on a person’s life. January 25th, 2001 – he was hit by a minivan while riding his bike home from work. He was 25, had just proposed to his wife-to-be, and life was good. Life changed that day.

If you are looking for a Bend, OR bike accident attorney, contact David Rosen. He combines the tenacity of an experienced bike accident lawyer with the heart of an experienced bike accident plaintiff. You take care of your health. High Desert Law takes care of everything else.

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