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Injury Lawyer Bend Oregon

High Desert Law is a boutique personal injury law firm. We are committed to three principles:

Your Health

Your Health is of primary importance. We believe in taking care of you so that the legal process for your injury claim does not get in the way of the healing process. You take care of your health, we take care of everything else.

Your Value

The legal process for injury claims attempts to compensate you for changes in your life, for your pain and suffering; with a dollar amount. This never squares. Your health cannot be bought. There simply is no dollar value for that. Personal Injury Settlements are a recognition of what you went through, of how far you were taken off life’s path, and how your life has changed. Our job is to make sure that is recognized. We will hold the responsible party, and their insurance company, fully accountable for the damage they have caused.

Your Success

Your success is not just about getting you the personal injury settlement that you deserve. Just as important, it is about bringing closure to what has been a terrible event. As your accident attorney, we bring you experienced legal advice and guide you through this process; so that when all is said and done, you can move forward and leave this event in the past.