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Here in Bend, dogs are family! It is common folklore among Bend locals that we have one of the highest per capita dog populations anywhere in the world. Almost half of Central Oregon residents own a dog, causing Dog Fancy to dub us Dog Town, USA. The title is in competition only with our title of Beer City, USA; with most of our breweries ready to accommodate Bendites AND their furry friends. So, filing a claim against a dog owner can be unsettlingly personal.

Personal Injury Settlements

But, dog owners are responsible for their way their pets behave, and must use reasonable care to prevent the animal from causing injuries. Bend, Oregon attorney David Rosen represents dog bite victims and is committed to giving you a seamless, stress-free, and positive experience. He can help you get the compensation you need from your dog bite claim. Don’t force yourself to deal with an injury of this type unassisted – when you work with High Desert Law, you’ll never have to go it alone.

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