Sexual Abuse Attorney, Bend Oregon

It takes an incredible amount of courage for survivors of sexual abuse to speak up about their experiences.
In many cases the perpetrator is someone they know, or are close to – many times it is a person in a position of authority.  Our criminal justice system prosecutes sex offenders, but you are entitled to compensation for the trauma that you have experienced. Filing a civil case is the only way to obtain compensation for injuries from sexual abuse.

Sexual Abuse Settlements

We believe that High Desert Law is part of the healing process, taking care of you, so that you can get back onto your path. A civil claim against the sex offender, can provide damages for valuable medical care, therapeutic counseling, and other costs that are necessary for healing.

David Rosen combines extensive legal experience with a uniquely compassionate manner, delivering fierce representation for survivors of injuries from sexual abuse. You take care of your health, we take care of everything else.

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