Truck Accident Attorney, Bend Oregon

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Large trucks often share the roadways with smaller vehicles. While this is usually not problematic, if you are the victim of a truck accident it can be scary and life altering. Due to the size of a truck, the magnitude of accidents can easily become catastrophic and result in serious injury or wrongful death.

Trucking Accident lawyer, David Rosen understands the complexity and scale of what you are going through. At High Desert Law, we believe in taking care of you, so that you can take care of your recovery.

Truck Accident Settlements

Although we understand that nothing can undo the emotional and bodily trauma caused by a catastrophic accident, David Rosen strives to reduce or eliminate the extraordinary financial burdens these incidents create.

In a standard auto accident, it is almost certain that the wreck was caused by one of the two drivers. In accidents involving semi-trucks it is more complicated. The actual owner of the truck, the person who loaded the truck, or even the mechanic responsible for maintaining the engine in the semi could be held responsible for the accident. This complexity means that it is important for you to have expert guidance to get you through the process, and back on your life’s path.

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