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The Bend Bulletin – Access to Justice Committee Launches Lawyer in the Library Program

Lawyer in the Library Program to provide free 30-minute consultations with a local attorney.

The Lawyer in the Library program, launched by Deschutes County Access to Justice Committee, provides four, free 30-minute consultations with a local attorney. The volunteer attorney is able to assist people on civil matters, such as small claims, contracts, landlord-tenant issues and wills. No criminal issues will be covered.

“The program is not a substitute for legal representation,” explained David Rosen, Personal Injury Attorney at High Desert Law and Access to Justice Committee chair. “It is intended to assist people in 1) answering their questions 2) helping them determine if they have a legal issue and 3) if so, to provide some general direction regarding their next steps and/or a referral to additional resources.”

Lawyer in the Library night is set for 5:30-7:30pm at the Downtown Bend branch of the Deschutes Public Library. “It matches the sizable population that can’t qualify for an attorney and the number of attorneys who might be willing to take on clients for a reduced rate,” says Rosen.

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