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Source Spotlight: David Rosen

Source Spotlight: David Rosen

There’s a good number of folks in the community who need an attorney, who don’t qualify for legal aid and can’t afford an attorney, and I don’t think they’re being served,”
-David Rosen, Personal Injury Attorney

During his time in Bend, attorney David Rosen has gone from working at the Deschutes Brewery – to providing free legal advice. This most recent event links directly to Rosen’s involvement with the Lawyer in the Library program. The program offers free consultations with an attorney on Wednesday evenings at the Deschutes Public Library downtown.

The idea for the Lawyer in the Library program came out of Bend’s seven-member Access to Justice Committee, which Rosen chairs. Its mission is to provide better access to legal assistance for anyone who needs it. Rosen explains that the Committee has three areas of focus: offering people improved access to attorneys, better access to court documents, and more access to information. 

“I’m pretty used to talking to people for free…I love living here and I feel really fortunate to live here. We have a fantastic community, but our community has needs. It’s great if we all can contribute back into the community.”

David established his personal injury practice High Desert Law, in 2017. When he is not actively working a case, he is snowboarding our Central Oregon mountains, finding local music, or teaching Breathwork. 

For more information about the Lawyer in the Library program, contact David Rosen at 541-306-6553.

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